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From: sonia lovette
Subject: Ff Day2 Swimming lessonA few seconds later I caught my breath and opened my
eyes. Miss had lain down next to me. She tried to
touch my nipples but I was too sensitive and so she
stopped and just cuddled me. She sang to me a little
then, more like a whisper I didn't understand the
words or their meaning too well but it was beautiful
none the less. I fell asleep in her arms.Next morning at 6:30 am Miss woke me up. She told me
to go get a shower and get ready for the day. I left
her room after putting my clothes on. I went to my
room and took a shower changed clothes. Miss knocked
on the door and told me to come down for breakfast. As
we came down the servant tiny lolita anal videos
went up to clean the rooms.
The breakfast was ready.After breakfast, since it was a nice sunny day, we
went to the back yard and sat on lawn chairs. Miss
gave me my assignment and I started working on it. The
events of last night were hazy in my mind. I knew and
remembered everything but it felt like a dream. I just
felt so refreshed so light and happy. I was having a
hard time concentrating on my work but finally it was
done. I looked up to see miss was not there. So I left
my work on the chair and walked around the yard
looking at the flowers, chasing butterflies then I sat
on the edge of the pool with my feet dangling in. I
must have spent a good half hour there just day
dreaming. One of the servants tapped me on the
shoulder and said Miss wants me to come inside with my
work.I went in back to the drawing room where miss was
sitting on her couch. She told me to hand her my work
and she gave me another assignment. As I turned to
walk away she noticed my wet feet. I heard a gentle
laughter and I turned around to see her smiling, she
asked me if I wanted to go swimming I could. I don't
know how to swim, I replied. She said that she can
teach me, this evening after the servants are gone for
the day, now run along. I went back out skipping and
started on my work. We took a brake for lunch and then
I was done for the day.Miss had some students that were going to come in to
study so again I went
up to watch TV in the sitting room. About an hour
later I heard steps coming up. It was Janis. Now there
are lots of girls, around a few of them I like most of
them don't do anything for me. Janis was like a live
wire had just touched me. Just looking at her gave me
goose bumps. She said hello and asked if she could
watch with me for a few minutes. I just nodded unable
to actually speak. She sat a few feet away. After a
few minutes she asked me about my studies were going.
I told her about failing the test and having to study
extra. She got up and came up next to me and sat down.
she told me that she had to go thought the extra
studies herself when she started with Miss. as she
said that she looked deep in my eyes as to convey a
deeper meaning. I knew she was talking about last
night. She stroked my hair and said don't worry, Miss
has connections in the school and can get you in even
if you don't pass you may just end up doing more then
you want to. She sounded sad as she said this that I
just hugged her. She stroked my hair a few times and
then got up to leave. She studio art preteen lolitas said may be she will see me
later. After saying that, she went down the stairs.
Her fragrance lingered still about me. I wanted to
call after her, run after her but I just sat there.Miss came up another half hour later and asked me if I
was ready to learn to swim. I jumped up ready. We went
down and into the back yard. The only light was the
half moon. Miss led me to the pool and started to
disrobe me. First she pulled off my shirt then she
bent down to kiss me on the lips. Her hands brushed my
nipples and sent last nights memories coursing through
my mind. My pussy was instantly wet and I raised my
hands to touch her breasts. Her nipples were hard
already and I just gently pulled on them she then
turned me around and kissed the back of my neck. Then
slowly kissing down my back she knelt behind me. With
her hands she directed me to bend forward and then she
took my pajama down. My ass was sticking out at her.
Her hands covered my cheeks, squeezing them, spreading
them apart, pushing them together I felt her kiss my
upper thighs and she moved up, licking and biting my
ass. I could feel my juices starting to rundown my
thigh. She then licked between my cheeks her tongue
touching my anus; my knees buckled but I managed to
keep my balance. She then spread my cheeks apart and
tried to insert her tongue in my anus, that preteen lolita underwear modles didn't
work but it still felt great. Her tongue darted down
and started to lap at the back of my pussy. I wanted
To lick at my clit so I bent even further, in doing so
I lost my balance and fell in the pool.Fortunately this was the shallow end and so it was
only 3 feet deep. I stood up in the water and miss had
this big grin on her face. She stripped off her
clothing quickly, her bare pussy and breasts finally
on display for me. She stood there for a few seconds
looking down loli galleries teen models
at me. Her right hand was pinching a
nipple and her left hand was on her pussy. I could see
her glistening fingers rubbing along her mound. She
was clearly excited.She stepped into the water and walked towards me.
Again we kissed this time I wrapped my arms around her
lower waist and caressed her ass my finger traveling
between her cheeks. She then straightened up and
guided my lips to her loli galleries teen models left nipple. My hands had now
moved up front to cup her heavy breasts. She said, go
on baby suck, suck hard, suck mommies milk, mommy has
milk for my baby, my hungry baby. Of course there was
no milk but she kept saying it over and over as she
moved my head from one breast to the other. Her right
knee was between my legs grinding against my pussy
lips and clit. I lowered my left hand towards her
pussy. As my palm caressed over the top of her pussy I
could feel her clit already sticking up. I rubbed my
palm in a circle over her clit. My fingers touching
her pussy lips which seemed to have opened up. She
told me to stick my fingers in her pussy. I wasn't
sure what exactly she wanted, why would I stick my
finger in her, search nauthy nude lolitas what if I hurt her. She lowered one of
her hands from my face and guided my index and middle
finger inside her pussy canal. It was so hot; I still
remember the feeling as her pussy walls grabbed at my
fingers, it felt so weird. She guided my hand in and
out of her and once I caught on she took my other hand
told me to rub her clit with it all the while sucking
her nipple. She then squealed to bite her nipple and
as soon as I did her body went nuts.
Her hips bucked uncontrollably as I felt her pussy
walls contract and expand she almost collapsed right
on top of me. I was pretty much carrying her whole
weight for a few seconds and then she did collapse
taking me with her. She was on top of me under water;
I could not breathe or get her off of me. My feet
would not catch on the floor. Before I could panic she
pulled her self up and me along with her. She led me
to the edge of the pool where she laid on the edge
chest down on the tile outside her legs in water and
her ass facing me. She reached back with her hands and
spread her cheeks apart. I could see her fully
flowered pussy, her anus seemed to be opening and
closing slightly. She told me to put my fingers back
in her pussy and go in and out I started back up at
the same pace as before but she quickly told me tiny lolita anal videos to
slow down. Then she told me to take my pinky of my
other hand wet it with her juice and touch her anus
with it. A few minutes latter of caressing her anus
and pumping her pussy she told me to push my pinky in
just a little, not even the first full digit. It went
in easily. She then told me to push it in all the way
in her ass under preteen yo loli when I push out from her pussy and vice
versa. A few more minutes of this and now my pinky was
in to the hilt then she told me to speed up. I did as
told. I could feel my fingers in her pussy through the
anus. By now my hands were getting tired but I kept at
it. Her fingers were wrapped around her nipples and
were twisting and pulling them.
Her hips started to roll again. She told me to put my
middle finger in her anus and add a third finger to
her pussy. Again I did as told. She kept whispering
push it in bbs tgp lolita russian baby, push it in my girl, and push it in my
love. A few seconds later she was thrashing again. Her
pussy seemed to be leaking juices over my fingers. Her
anus clamped down on my finger and then her pussy and
anus spasamed. Open and close, open and close around
my finger I kept my fingers moving. She didn't seem to
be slowing down. Her legs were now wrapped around me
trying to pull me in to her pussy. I kept back and
kept my fingers going in and out of her. Her thrashing
got worse and finally she told me to stop, please
stop, and I stopped. My hands were tired and she was
glistening with sweat. I felt like I had just run a
marathon my self. I collapsed over her heaving ass
cheeks, my face on her back and my tummy rubbing up
against her pussy. As she lay there shuddering, I
kissed her back then liked the salty sweat off her
back, it tasted divine.To this day that is the only type of swimming I know.We went back in the house after putting our clothes
back on, the water making them stick to us. She took
me to the library where she had a fire going. She told
me to sit down by the fire place till I was dry. I
just plopped on the carpet by the fire place. She went
out for a bit and came back with some hot chocolate
and sat next to me. We sat there looking at the fire
place and drinking our hot chocolate.She told me tomorrow morning we were going to go to russian loli girls sex
studio for my application pictures and to wear
something nice. She then just lay down on her back
right there and pulled me closer. She had me lay on
top of her my forehead resting on her breasts. I
started to suck on her nipple through her shirt. She
just cooed. She then told me that she will take one
picture for her album also. Almost as an after thought
she started to caress my ass cheeks with one hand
while with the other she held my head. I spread my
legs to give her access to my pussy which was wet
again. She caressed me for a little bit then all of a
sudden she got up.
She went over to a shelf and got a big album. She then
sat next to me and opened it. There were pictures of
girls, some younger some older but all well dressed
and made up. They all looked pretty. She told me they
were all her lovers from past. I was aghast since
there were so many. She flipped through pointing out
some of her favorites. Towards the end were the
current 3 students, including Janis. She noticed my
interest in Janis and told me how much Janis loves
being with miss and that she is the eldest lover miss
has had. But that Janis is getting too big for her and
soon she will be gone anyway to college. Miss said she
was glad she found me. She then put the album aside
and pulled me closer to her. She sat with her legs
crossed and had me lay on her lap. She pulled my head
to her straining nipple and fed me her breast. Her
right hand found my ass and started to caress me. Her
middle finger was dipping low to touch my pussy. My
juices were flowing again and my clit ached. I started
to nibble on her nipple. Her hand spread my legs
apart. Her middle finger was running along my slit,
her thumb was on my clit, rubbing it in circles.
Slowly my hips started to move in anticipation of her
touch. She whispered to me as to how lovely she found
me and that were she a man she would marry me herself
instead of finding some rich old man that my family
would like for me. My hips were in the air by now, my
stomach muscles were clenched and then like a
firecracker, I came undone. My whole lower body
convulsed in spasms. When I calmed down, Miss hugged
me and kissed my lips and my eyes. She then told me to
get ready for bed and shooed me upstairs. She said she
had to make a phone call preteen lolitas in uk but then she would be up as
well. As I went up the stairs I heard her talking on
the phone and the she mentioned Janis by name.Next is day three
Let me know what you guys think.
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